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Wedding day Bride
Smiling Bridesmaids
Wedding Couple
Wedding Veil
Confetti Shot
Bridal Bouquet
Behind The Scenes
Natural Bridal Makeup
South Farm Couple
Bridal Party
Natural Bridal Makeup
Wedding Party
Bride and Groom confetti
Natural Bridal Makeup
Bride In White
Warm Bridal Makeup
Bridal makeup with red lip
Glowing Bridal Makeup
Bridesmaid Makeup
Natural Bridal Makeup
Glowing Rose Bridal Makeup
Bronze Bridal Makeup
Mother Of The Bride Natural Glam
Soft Pink Bridesmaid Makeup
Natural Glowing Bridesmaid Makeup
Natural Glam Bridesmaid Makeup
Pillowtalk Natural Bridal Makeup
Warm Mother Of The Bride Makeup
Warm Bridal Makeup
Glowing Soft Glam Bridal Makeup
Soft Smokey Eye Bridesmaid Makeup
Mauve Smokey Bridal Makeup
Natural Glowing Bridal Makeup
Glowing Skin
Bronze Bridal Makeup With A Red Lip
Bridal Makeup Prep
Bridal Party
Bride and Groom
Bridal Reflection
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"Lara was outstanding... so helpful and the whole process was tailored for me. I loved my bridal look and I couldn't recommend Lara more"