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3 Wedding Hairstylists You Need To Be Following

Below I have linked some incredible wedding hairstylists who you need to follow if you want some insane inspiration for your wedding day, or you're on the hunt for your perfect hairstylist.

Katrina Kelly

Katrina first of all is such a beautiful person both inside and out and is a pleasure to work with as both a client and colleague. I was lucky enough to get my hair done by Katrina for my best friends wedding and first of all it looked incredible, especially for someone with ridiculously thick and long hair. But second of all it lasted all day and night! Every bridal look I have seen come from Katrina has been first class quality and I cannot recommend her enough!

Her style is described as Elegant, Timeless and Romantic.

Yuki Black

Yuki has an incredible amount of experience within the hairdressing community and prides herself in using cruelty free products with all her creations. She is incredibly passionate about her work and always makes sure her work is to her incredibly high standard before you leave! If you are looking for a stylist with a carefree attitude with the ability to create pinterest worthy styles then you'll definitely want to follow her on instagram!

Her style is described as Unique, Creative and Specifically Tailored for you.

Natalie Squires

I have had the pleasure of working multiple times with the amazing Natalie and cannot sing her praises enough! Such an eye for detail, Natalie will ensure that each creation is nothing less than perfect for every bride. With an incredibly calm energy, Natalie is the perfect addition to a tranquil wedding morning with consistently beautiful creations! If you dont follow her on instagram already then definitely click the link below because I know there are so many styles you're going to want to save for your wedding mood board on her feed!

Her style Oozes Glamour, for the Eclectic-Festival Bridal style.

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