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How to get the most out of your bridal makeup trial.

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Your makeup trial is designed to work out what you want for your big day. Now whether you have an exact idea with a Pinterest board full of images, or you have NO idea where to start, this is where your trial comes into play.

Now first of all, some of you may be thinking "Do I need to have a makeup trial?" and the answer is always YES! During your trial you will get a clear idea of what your makeup will look like on the day, but also this gives you the chance to meet your makeup artist face to face. Although we have spoken frequently over email, we love the opportunity to meet you in person and really get to know you and your vibe. It also gives you a chance to make sure you are happy with your makeup artist before the morning of your wedding.

Before you get to your trial, it is a really good idea to put together some images of makeup you love, and even makeup you hate! This way we, as makeup artists, have visual queues for what you are envisioning for your wedding makeup. Now the main thing to remember about these images is that every face is different. Whether that is skin type, skin tone, eye shape, cheek bones, everyones face is different. So with this in mind, your makeup artist will not be able to exactly replicate exactly a look you see online. Another aspect to remember with these images, is that a lot of photos have been edited to look better online. However these photos help to give an overall idea of the makeup that you would LOVE for your wedding day.

On the morning of your trial, it is always best to arrive with no makeup/minimal makeup on so that we are able to get started straight away, so that you have more time to really wear and test the makeup throughout the day. Another top tip is to wear a top or dress that is the same colour as your dress. This then helps when designing your makeup look to see how it would look against your dress colour. There is also nothing worse than wearing a bright colour or bold pattern on the day of your trial as this usually distracts from the makeup and bright colours can actually effect the look of the makeup on the skin. When looking back at photos having a similar colour to your dress can help you see the vision come together.

Another good tip is to wear your hair in a similar style to how you might wear it for your wedding, again to help you see the vision come together for your big day. Here at Lara Kingshott Bridal Makeup we like to help you see this in your post trial photos by adding a little bit of complimentary hair styling.

Here at Lara Kingshott Bridal Makeup, we send out a pre-trial questionnaire. Now in this questionnaire we like to get an idea of what you are looking for so that at the trial we can share your vision quicker and understand your skin type before you arrive. In this I recommend writing down any ideas and any questions you have about your makeup so that you get the most out of your trial. This way we can get straight into the makeup and if we want more clarification on any of your answers then we can get those answered once you arrive.

During your trial I encourage you to ask as many questions as you want, this is a rare chance that you will get with your makeup artist where you can get immediate answers there and then. Whether you want some advice for what makeup you want for your bridal party, or tips on skincare before the big day. This session you have your makeup artist at your disposal so no questions are silly questions. This also gives you clarity on any overhanging queries you may have but dont know when to ask them, so getting these answers at your trial then leaves you with less worries on the day.

If at any point during your trial you aren't sure about your makeup, then it is best to mention these sooner rather than later. Your makeup artist won't be offended, we more often than not are more appreciative of any feedback during your session as we can rectify or ease any concerns at the time. This in turn gives you a better outcome from your trial as you are able to see the finished look now, rather than worry about it on the day.

After your trial, as previously mentioned, try and do as much as you can to put your makeup to the test. This allows you to see how your makeup will wear on the day and allow you to make any notes of anything you aren't sure about, or would like to change. Also look at your face ALOT!! This way you can then make any notes about anything you want to change or alter for the day. Again it is essential to let your makeup artist know about any changes you want, we won't be offended we just want to make you feel the most confident and beautiful for your wedding day.

And finally, once you have had your trial and you're 100% happy and sent over any changes or told your makeup artist you are OBSESSED with it! Then if you have any of your bridal party who want to have a trial before the big day, arrange this once you are happy with your own makeup. This way you know you can tick it off your list and if anyone else wants to have a trial we can arrange with themselves.

If you want to book in for a trial with the luxury makeup artist, Lara Kingshott Bridal Makeup, then click the link below to enquire about your big day and we can get you booked in.

I look forward to meeting you soon!

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