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I was a little nervous before my make up trial but from meeting Lara at the door she totally put my mind at ease. She listened to everything I wanted, and was amazing at trying what I asked for but also giving her expert advice on what she believed would/wouldn't work. She was so warm & friendly, and I really appreciated listening to why she was choosing to use certain products. She also gave me options, for eyeshadow for example, but also knew when to just go for it and I completely trusted her. Her skills were so obvious, the look she did was flawless but she was also so approachable, and really listened.

She was amazing at telling me everything she was doing as well as chatting about the wedding day, my bridal party and we generally got on so well. I couldn't recommend Lara enough, I'm so excited for her to do my makeup again on the wedding day.

Kathryn Hornett

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