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HD Brows


HD Brows helps to transform your brows to best flatter you. We work together to find your best shade, shape and treatment. HD brows is great for you if you want to wake up and have perfect brows every time. It is also great if you would like to start a regrowth plan to help correct any over plucking.



LVL stands for length, volume, and lift. This treatment is great for anyone looking for a low maintenance fix to really enhance their lashes. Even without mascara your lashes will look blacker then black and curled to suit your eye shape best. You'll look like you're wearing mascara without anything on, just your natural lashes.

Classic Lashes


Classic lashes are designed for you and your eye shape. We create the perfect look so that you can wake up each day with full, feathery lashes that look like a natural enhancement of your own.

Express HD Brows


Our express HD Brows is here for anyone wanting a quick tidy up in-between appointments. In this treatment we will remove any unwanted hairs and finish with a little makeup to give you those fresh brows every time.

CND Shellac

From £25

At Lara Kingshott Beauty we love a fresh clean shellac polish application. If you want security in knowing your polish will last longer than 5 minutes then this is the perfect treatment for you.

Lash Infills

From £25

To keep your lashes looking fresh and perfect, we recommend you coming in to see us every 2-3 weeks. After each visit you'll be looking and feeling your best self!

Complete Bridal Beauty Package


Our Complete Bridal Beauty Package includes one brow treatment of choice, one lash treatment of choice, and shellac polish on both fingers and toes.

Essential Bridal Beauty Package


This essential package for all our beautiful brides includes one lash treatment, and one brow treatment.

HD Brows + LVL Combo
HD Brows + LVL Combo

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HD Brows + LVL Combo
HD Brows + LVL Combo

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HD Brows + LVL Combo
HD Brows + LVL Combo

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Customer Reviews

What Our Clients Think

Lara gave me the best service I could have wished for. I have very few brow hairs and was a bit doubtful about what could be achieved but I am stunned by the result. I have brows!!!


Cant recommend Lara more. Absolutely love my eyebrows!!


I started using Lara when I booked her for my wedding makeup for 2023. She is working wonders for my brows, they always look so good after treatment and for weeks after!

Samantha Davidson

Having never had any sort of eyelash treatment, I was quite nervous, but Lara made me feel so comfortable throughout the appointment! I was so happy with the end result too. My lashes looked absolutely fabulous!

Jessica Cole

I'd always been cautious about HD Brows as mine are naturally quite thick and I didn't want them to look like they'd been drawn on with a sharpie. Lara's treatment was wonderful, we discussed in detail the look I wanted/what would suit my face. the tinting/shaping process was the most relaxing eyebrow treatment I've ever had (if I hadn't seen the state of my eyebrows after a year of lockdown, it would have been hard to believe there'd been any waxing at all). I could not be happier with the end result! My brows look fantastic, and natural. A quick brush through with a clear brow gel is all they need when getting ready, and they last for such a long time. I honestly could not recommend more!

Heather Wilcox